Woops! Macarons & Corporate Gifting


Woops! Macarons & Corporate Gifting

Member: Marc Cole
Services: French Macarons for corporate gifting & Events
Address: 120 Norman Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11222
Email: mcole@bywoops.com
Website: www.bywoops.com
Telephone: 646-921-2390
Cellphone: 516-853-1959

Marc’s area of expertise is in corporate gifting. Customer quote “Marc takes the time and effort to thoroughly understand our business needs and is always willing to go above and beyond. His ability to tackle issues and find solutions is appreciated. It is easy and simple to do business with Marc”

About Woops! Macarons:

High quality is our top priority. Everything we deliver, from our treats to our packaging, will always be top-notch. All the ingredients we use for our macarons are premium, handpicked, and world-class: from the finest French Valrhona chocolate for our ganaches, to our pure pistachio paste & authentic Italian Nutella, always expect the best.

Our macarons are also:
– Naturally Gluten-Free
– Lower in calories
– Larger-than-average size

My ideal client is VP Marketing & HR