Webline Media Group, Inc.

Webline Media Group, Inc.

Member: Neil Levin
Services: Web Site Design, Development, Monitoring, and Marketing
1641 3rd Avenue, Suite 6K
New York, NY 10128
Email: neil@weblinemediagroup.com
Website: WeblineMediaGroup.com
Telephone: 718-786-0008 x101
Cellphone: 516-680-8465
webline media group

Webline Media Group, Inc., an NYC web design studio, was founded by Stephen and Neil Levin. The goal at Webline has always been to offer a complete line of web design services in order to create the best possible online presence for our clients. To that end the firm currently offers BrandingWebContentEmailSocial and Search services with a focus on Custom, Responsive, WordPress-based, Search Engine-friendly Website Design and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (Google Ads/Facebook Ads).

Webline’s philosophy and overall approach is to treat each project as a collaboration between Webline and its client. Each member of Webline’s executive team brings over 25 years of excellence in Web Design and Development to the projects they work on. Clients bring specific knowledge of their industry, company, and goals. It is Webline’s job to understand its clients and apply its experience when creating highly effective web presences.

With roots on Long Island, Webline is now based out of its NYC web design studio. From that studio Webline has supported and continues to support the ongoing needs of hundreds of clients in the tri-state area and beyond. Webline has worked on over 1000 projects in over 100 industries and prides itself on offering high quality solutions at reasonable prices.

Webline is active in its community supporting many not-for-profits with pro bono or reduced fees including: After-School All-Stars, Billy G Foundation, Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, IISHJMBD, NCLEE, NHSNYC, QCP,  RDRCSNAPTD Foundation, and The INN.  Stephen Levin is on the Board of Directors of the Queens Economic Development Corporation and Neil Levin is on the Board of Directors of the Queens Chamber of Commerce.