Jacques Torres Chocolate


Jacques Torres Chocolate

Member: Marc Cole
Services: Hand crafted Chocolate for hospitality and corporate gifting
350 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
Email: marc@mrchocolate.com
Website: www.mrchocolate.com / 10% discount code JCORP10
Cellphone: (516) 853-1959

Marc’s area of expertise is in hospitality and corporate gifting. Customer quote “Marc takes the time and effort to thoroughly understand our business needs and is always willing to go above and beyond. His ability to tackle issues and find solutions is appreciated. It is easy and simple to do business with Marc”

About Jacques Torres Chocolate:
Each and very product created by Jacques Torres Chocolate is authentically made using premium ingredients. From sourcing the perfect cacao beans to technique steeped in tradition, Jacques’ team combines genuine passion with handcrafted mastery to produce purely delicious, real chocolate.

My ideal client is VP Marketing, Owner of café’s with over 5 shops, Director of food & beverage at Hotels