Citrin Cooperman & Co, LLP

Citrin Cooperman & Co, LLP

Member: Aaron Chaitovsky
Services: Accounting/Consulting
50 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020
Telephone: 212-697-1000 x1220
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Citrin Cooperman is one of the nation’s largest professional services firms. Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, a licensed independent CPA firm that provides attest services and Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC, which provides business advisory and non-attest services, operate as an alternative practice structure in accordance with the AICPA’s Code of Professional Conduct and applicable law, regulations and professional standards.  Clients are in all business sectors and leverage a complete menu of service offerings. Our combined entities include more than 200 partners and over 1500 employees across the U.S.

Since 1979, we have steadily built our business by helping companies and high net worth individuals find smart solutions.  Whether your operations and assets are located around the corner or across the globe, we can provide new perspectives on strategies that will help you achieve your short- and long-term goals.

Dedicated to Solutions

Our daily mission is to enhance the businesses and personal lives of our clients through our services, guidance, and enthusiasm for building long-standing relationships.  We are dedicated to providing clients with an objective viewpoint and insightful advice on whatever challenges they bring to the table.  Finding innovative solutions is what drives our professionals and helps our clients succeed.


Citrin Cooperman is proud to be home to one of the leading National franchising practices in the country. With a dedicated franchise practice for over 40 years, Citrin Cooperman has serviced and worked with some of the largest franchise successes, within a vast array of diversified concepts.  We work with the owners, operators, controllers, and CFOs of a wide range of franchisors helping them establish their brands and grow their businesses to the next level. Helping companies prepare for mergers and acquisitions, growth and expansion, Citrin Cooperman’s Franchise Practice, comprised of experienced CFE-accredited professionals, offers the guidance and insight needed by Franchisors to minimize uncertainty, meet financial statement audit, tax and other compliance and contractual obligations, and stay focused on building their businesses. We believe in the Franchising model, we are passionate about Franchising, we have the experience and knowledge to help you.

“Citrin Cooperman” is the brand under which Citrin Cooperman & Company, LLP, a licensed independent CPA firm, and Citrin Cooperman Advisors LLC serve clients’ business needs. The two firms operate as separate legal entities in an alternative practice structure. Citrin Cooperman is an independent member of Moore North America, which is itself a regional member of Moore Global Network Limited (MGNL).